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Aang The Last Airbender is a collection of transparent Aang The Last Airbender in our database. PNG stands for Portable Network Graphics. This category contains high quality transparent Signature PNG. Download and use them for non commercial purposes.Aang The Last Airbender is a great example of a character who has become popular in the western culture. His story has been adapted in so many movies and television shows that it is hard to think of him as just a fictional character.

The most famous episode of the show was “The Return of Aang”, which was aired on January 19, 2010, and it is considered the best episode to date. In this episode, Aang and his friends are forced to face their fears and overcome their challenges when they are faced with an army of Fire Nation soldiers. It also marks the beginning of Aang’s adventure as he goes on an epic journey through the Spirit World to find his lost mother, Katara.